Plant advice from rocket scientists

There are few times in your life when you have the opportunity to choose from such a naturally beautiful line up.   The brilliant combinations of tall, skinny, curvy, short and tropical are overwhelming.    No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed that they are relatively low maintenance, they will give far more than they take, and they are for sure coming home with you.    If you haven’t guessed what we are talking about yet, you may be surprised when we say…houseplants…Mother Nature’s way of bringing the outdoors inside for your physical, spiritual and mental well-being.  You may have read our previous article about the benefits of houseplants, so in this article we will cut to the good stuff about which ones you should buy.


The list below includes the best air-filtering houseplants according to NASA:

  1. English Ivy
  2. Spider Plant
  3. Golden pothos
  4. Peace lily
  5. Chinese evergreen
  6. Bamgoo palm
  7. Snake plant
  8. Heartleaf philodendron
  9. Selloeum philodendron
  10. Elephant ear philodendron
  11. Red-edged dracaena
  12. Cornstalk dracaena
  13. Janet Craig dracaena
  14. Warneck dracaena
  15. Weeping fig
  16. Gergera daisy
  17. Pot mum
  18. Rubber plant

The quality of the air inside your house if often more polluted than the air outside.   Chemicals from paint, furniture and cleaning supplies combined with dust and bacteria that stick to your clothing and couches can create hazardous air quality in your very own living room.    Using these air-filtering legends along with having doors and windows open to circulate air is scientifically proven to improve air quality. Improved air quality can decrease the occurrence of sickness in addition to decreasing stress levels.   If you have a corner longing for a decoration or a table needing a bit of flair, head on down to your local nursery and indulge in one of the low-maintenance high-yield plants listed above.

Finally, if you are user of MoppedUp why don’t you add ‘water my plants’ to your cleaning to-do list so your cleaner gives them a drink and keeps them healthy.