Help for Homeowners using MoppedUp

How to remove a default room?

Delete all the tasks that are associated with that room. Once done the room will no longer be visible. The room will become visible again if you associate tasks with that room.

How do I amend my personal details?

Settings > Amend personal details top right hand corner + to edit.

How do I change cleaning days and or frequency of cleaning visits?

Go into Calendar, select the blue don’t per the date you want to change > At the bottom next to the ‘Scheduled Cleaning Time’ click the Clock > You can now amend Time, Frequency and Days of Cleaning.

How do I find my password and user name?

Settings > Login management

How do add a room not in the list?

Under settings you will find a Contact us section. Send us a message and we will get it added for you. We will drop a note back to you when its done.

What if I move house?

Just amend your personal details….oh and good luck from us in your new home!

How do I send to a friend/my cleaner?

Settings > Send app to a friend

My cleaner has sent me a suggested cleaning item – what can I do with it?

In your inbox you can receive New cleaning products required from your cleaner – this is where they notice you have either run out of or are suggesting further cleaning products. When you go into the message in the top right you will see Accept/Reply, you can choose to add it to your shopping list or reply to the message from the cleaner. Adding to your shopping list will do what it says and you will find the details of the item when you go into your shopping list.

How to ad and remove tasks?

Tasks can be added by going into MU Suggested Tasks > choosing a task, adding the rooms you wanted it actioned in, setting the frequency and then Saving.

How do I amend my mobile and email address?

These are the only two fields we have locked down. This is designed as there are some not so honest people out there and we want to stop them.

How do I amend the cleaning products location?

Settings > Amend cleaning product slocation

How do I email my cleaning schedule?

Cleaning Schedule > either current schedule or the next 4 visits > Top right hand corner ‘Email’.
This will send either the next visit or the next 4 visits depending on which one you selected.
We are working on an automated version of this for future releases.

Additional Services – Coming Soon?

We plan to offer you additional services in your area that may be of interest such as window cleaners, garderner’s and other services that may be useful to you.

What versions of iphone does it work on and space needs?

MoppedUp requires an Apple IPhone, IPad or IPod Touch device with a minimum of 8GB of memory with 7MB free. Internet access and the IOS operating system version 6 or above.

How do I amend the cleaning schedule?

While in the cleaning schedule, click on a task, you can then amend the rooms and frequency, once you are done don’t forget to save. If you want to delete use the left to right swipe and select Delete. If you delete a task you are removing from all cleaning visits.

Are you a Cleaning company?

No, we are a logistics company looking to improve communications through the use of technology.

How do I move to a new cleaner?

Go to >Settings>Disconnect from cleaner. Once you have done this you will be given a screen to add the mobile number of your new cleaner into here. If you don’t have it just select skip. Some areas of the app will be disabled until you connect with your new cleaner.
Once you are ready to connect with the new cleaner select the >Send Cleaner connection at the bottom of the homes screen.

How do I add and remove tasks?

To add new tasks go to MU Suggested Tasks and add the tasks in the rooms and the frequency you require them to be actioned.
To remove cleaning tasks just go into the Cleaning Schedule and use the right to left swipe then select delete.

How do I use the shopping list?

The shopping list is directly linked to your messages from the Cleaner and you can add any suggested New cleaning products to the shopping list.
You can also use it as the place to create your shopping lists.

How do I amend the rooms in the house?

Settings > Amend rooms > Select further rooms you want added then press Save.

How do I get in contact with you?

Settings > Contact us at MoppedUp. We look forward to hearing from you

What if my cleaner doesn’t have an iphone?

That’s ok, we have designed so that even if your cleaner doesn’t have MoppedUp you can still make the most from the app by designing your cleaning schedule and then emailing it to your cleaner. We don’t yet have a feature that will automatically send to the cleaner but we are working on it.

Whats the blog for?

We are going to publish articles that we think will be of interest to you. We have some exciting people lined up to write and we hope to introduce them to you soon. In the mean time if you have anything you would like us to cover or have comments on what we’ve written get in touch with us via our website or in Settings > Contact us at MoppedUp.

How do I rate my cleaner? Will she know it’s me?

When you go into My Cleaner you will have the option to rate your cleaner out of five stars. The app is designed so that the cleaner will not receive a score until at least three people have rated them. This is a one time option and you will not be able to rate them more than once.

What if I don’t connect to a cleaner can I still use?

You sure can, the features will be limited but you will be able to create cleaning schedules, read the blog and use the shopping list feature. And if you change your mind you can connect with a cleaner at any time.

Can I use even if I don’t have a cleaner?

Yes, the features will be limited and you get the most benefit when connected with a cleaner. However, MoppedUp will still be brilliant for creating a home cleaning schedule and shopping lists.

How do I change the location of my cleaning products?

Settings > Amend cleaning product location

How do I get help?

Look at Settings > Help on MoppedUp. You can also check out our website. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for you can get in touch with us Settings > Contact us at MoppedUp

How do I send the app onto a friend/cleaner?

We’ve made it easy to send onto friends or your cleaner, go into Settings > Send app to a friend. You can choose to send to a friend who is a homeowner or onto a cleaner.

How do I disconnect from my cleaner?

You can disconnect from your cleaner at any time by going into Settings > Disconnect from cleaner. If you disconnect from your cleaner fear not all your cleaning schedule details will be kept and you can pass them onto your new cleaner.

Can his app help me find a cleaner?

If you do need a cleaner then you can drop us a message and we will check if any of the current cleaners using the app are in your area and happily forward there details,

How do I get cleaning tasks added that are not in the list?

MU Suggested Tasks > + (in the top right corner), type what you thinks missing and we will add where possible.

How to I delete my shopping list?

You have two options, if you want to delete one shopping list you can right to left swipe on the list and it will allow you to delete. If you want to delete all lists you can use the + in the top right corner and choose ‘Clear All Shopping Lists’. Once deleted all the information will be irretrievable.

Do you work on any platforms other than iPhone?

Not yet, but hold that thought.

When are you coming to America and the rest of us non UK users?

Soon. Let us make sure we have satisfied the needs of our UK customers and then we will get to work reaching you.

Let us know if we have missed anything.


The MoppedUp Team