Does your cleaner have telepathy 2.0?

Ever left the house in a hurry? Forgotten to leave your cleaner a note of bits you’d like doing this week? Since telepathy hasn’t been invented by Apple yet, we have the solution to communicating with your cleaner with ease!

Set goals;

Whether you are hiring a cleaner or already have one, set goals/expectations of what you would ideally like achieved. Communicate with your cleaner to explain in detail what you would like them to do, how you like things done, leaving nothing to the imagination (just in case)! This way you are both on the same page and it will avoid unnecessary upset should you not be around.


Special areas;

Be sure to mention ‘special tasks’ you want doing. Whether it be cleaning under the bed or cleaning inside the fridge, if this is something you want doing, mention it! You can ask this for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly task, just keep your cleaner posted!

Find a better way to communicate;

Even when it seems your cleaner reads your mind, telepathy isn’t possible so give your cleaner a heads up and tell them what you want! Download the MoppedUp app! It has all you need to get connected and stay connected with your cleaner, its the closest thing to telepathy 2.0. If you don’t have a cleaner, MoppedUp has a ‘Find a cleaner’ function to get you your next cleaner.

If theres one thing you do today – sort your house;

Download MoppedUp now: