Help for Cleaners using MoppedUp

2 min overview

The app is designed to help you organise which customer you are visiting and what they want actioning.

The main page has your calendar for seeing your schedule.

Connect with customers where you can send connections to your customers.

My details where you can put details about yourself, a photo and it shows your score that will be displayed when three customers have given you a rating.

The bottom item is ‘Connected Customers’, in here you will have a list of all your connected customers.

You can also use the app features to see the cleaning schedule of the selected customer, suggest tasks for you to complete, message them about holidays and tell them of more cleaning products they need.

Connect with a new customer

This is used to set up new customers and view connection requests you have sent and received.

Select ‘Connect with New Customer’ from home screen, select ‘New Connection Request’, enter and confirm new customer mobile telephone number.

How to use calendar

You have two calendars in the app, the first one is on the main page of the app and this will show you on a day by day basis which customer you are seeing and when. The second calendar is in the individual customer view and will show you all the dates you are planned to work for which customer and any scheduled holidays.

How to use messages

Under each of your connected customers you have messages.  In here you can send and receive messages with the customer. In new messages you can create a message that you can tell them about planned holidays, cleaning products you need them to buy or that have run out of and a general messages area where you can type free format messages. The inbox has messages from the customer and sent messages shows messages you have sent to the customer.

Suggesting new tasks

We have designed MoppedUp so you can send tasks to homeowners. Tasks that you think they would appreciate you doing for them. To do this you will need to go into the particular customer and select ‘Suggest new task’, find the task you want to suggest (if you don’t find what you want in the top right corner, select the ‘+’ and you can send a message to MoppedUp to add) once you have chosen the task you can choose the rooms for it to be actioned in and the frequency, then press ‘Send’. This will then send a message to the homeowner of your suggestion, once approved by them the task will be added to the existing cleaning schedule.

App tips

The app is designed to help you communicate with the homeowner. You can use this app to help create the most useful cleaning schedule for the homeowner – they will thank you for your suggestions!

You can use ‘My Details’ to show a picture of yourself or company logo, it also allows you to put details about yourself along with recommendations you have received.